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The Lord honors Unity in prayer


The Lord honors unity in prayer among his people. The Lord desires unity beyond our local church boundaries. Colossians 3:14 says “and beyond all these things put on love, which is the perfect bond of unity.”

To experience the full power of the Holy Spirit to bring revival, it seems important for intercessors to be linked together to a larger group of believers who have been called to seek personal revival and to participate in prayer for revival in our community. This linking together with like-minded intercessors should also be a source of encouragement and motivation for those who are praying for ...


re ∙ viv ∙ al


What does this mean?
  • to return to life, to recover life
  • a time when God visits His people by the power of His Holy Spirit and imparts:
  • New life to believers
  • New life to unbelievers
  • an awakening, a return to life in a person, in a family, in a church, a community, a nation, the world

   How does revival happen?

    • by persistently pursuing Biblical humility and prayer
    • by seeking God's face and turning in repentance
    • by means of persistent, fervent prayer
    • By the marvelous Grace of our  Lord