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Devotions > A Pattern for Revival Prayer

22 Jun 2012


As we consider prayer we rapidly realize that Jesus gave us a pattern, a beautiful form to follow as we pray.    Perhaps a brief review of this pattern would be helpful as we consider praying for revival?

First Jesus directs us to address our Father.  There is much that could be said about this place of beginning.   However we can only briefly consider this relationship.   A godly father is responsible to provide for his children, to protect his children and to do what is best for his children regardless of their petitions.

Then Jesus tells us that the Father we are addressing is our Father in Heaven.    This is an amazing amplifier.   His heavenly location reminds us that our Father is similar to a godly earthly father only in general direction but not at all in magnitude.   His ways are not our ways, His ways are as much higher than our ways as the heavens are higher that the earth.

Next, Jesus introduces us to God’s holiness.   He tells us that we should keep God’s name holy.  Keeping God’s name holy constitutes imperative instruction regarding our attitude, the perspective of our approach to our Father.  As we learn to and practice keeping God’s name holy we begin to prepare ourselves for the next step, the step of complete submission that Jesus will soon direct us to assume.

The subsequent instruction we receive from Jesus is perhaps the pinnacle of Jesus’ proposed pattern.  Jesus instructs us to pray “ Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven.”   It seems instructive that Jesus directs us to pray first for God’s will to be done before we petition for any benefits for ourselves.

When we consider prayer for revival this is perhaps the most significant issue.     Our perspective in this matter, as in so many others, is absolutely critical.   The principal question ishow are we praying for revival?   Do our petitions for revival come from a heart that is primarily seeking personal benefits?   Or do our prayers for revival find their source in a desire for expanding the glory of God and building up His Bride?

Jesus, in His instruction regarding prayer, speaks powerfully in relation to our heart.  God looks on the heart!  The attitude of our heart in prayer is the core, the very essence of what God hears.  Frankly, in our self centered world it is very easy to consider prayer as simply one more way to get our way.   It is also easy from this same position of error to believe that God is not answering prayer when in fact we are not praying in accordance with the instructions that have been given us.

God desires to bring revival!   But His primary purpose for revival is not to make our lives easier or more pleasant.  His primary purpose is to bring Glory to His Name!    He desires to return His Name to the place of prominence and honor that He deserves.  He is God!  He is the only One worthy of worship.  We are not.

We aspire to encourage you to pray for revival.   Jesus promised that if we ask anything IN HIS NAME He would grant our requests.  May we learn together to pray in the way we have been instructed!


Jeff Williams