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Devotions > Infinity or Not

7 Dec 2011


According to A. W.Tozer, the definition in the Webster’s New World College Dictionary, is not completely accurate for the word infinity.    Webster’s says: “infinity is anything infinite; endless or unlimited space, time, distance, quantity etc.”   Whereas Tozer  in The Knowledge Of The Holy, convincingly makes the argument that only God is infinite and any use of this word applied to anything other than God is to disparage the accurate and true meaning of the word. 

 Tozer argues that while space approaches infinity, it does not reach to it, since it was created.    He further attests that any entity which is created cannot meet the criteria required for infinity.   More precisely Tozer states: “ Unfortunately the word infinite has not always been held to its precise meaning, but has been used carelessly to mean simply much or a great deal as when we say that an artist takes infinite pains with his picture or a teacher shows infinite patience with her class.   Properly, the word can be used of no created thing, and no one but God. Hence, to argue about whether or not space is infinite is to play with words.  Infinitude can belong to but One.  There can be no second.”

If then we can make a distinction between the finite and the infinite on the basis of a pure definition of the word infinite; we must come to the conclusion that everything that we can know is finite except some part of God who is infinite.   This also brings us to a second point from Tozer, namely that as finite beings we are restricted in our knowledge of our infinite God to that which He elects to reveal.

The revelation of God to man is a broad and much debated subject.   There are large rivers of this matter that seem to garner much general agreement and many tributaries that have been strongly and deeply disputed.   We have not come to bring clarity to this debate, but rather to encourage exploration.

Tozer asks us to hear St. Anselm of old and further implores us to heed his words:   “Up now, slight man!  Flee for a little while thy occupations hide thyself for a time from thy disturbing thoughts.   Cast aside now thy burdensome cares. And put away thy toilsome business.   Yield room for some little time to God, and rest for a little time in Him.  Enter the inner chamber of thy mind; shut out all thoughts save that of God and such as can aid thee in seeking Him.  Speak now, my whole heart!  Speak now to God, saying, I seek Thy face; Thy face, Lord will I seek.”

Listen carefully to Tozer’s expansion of infinitude.    “But God’s infinitude belongs to us and is made known to us for our everlasting profit.”    He gives further definition by saying: “Because God’s nature is infinite, everything that flows out of it is also infinite”

We know that the word of God, which flow out from Him, is infinite.  We know that His salvation for us is infinite.  Have you thought that His peace that passes understanding is infinite?   It may not be infinite in our experience since we only experience in time, but nevertheless it is infinite.   What about in a similar way His answers to prayer?   Yes, no doubt they are also infinite.   God’s answers to prayer are a significant part of His eternal plan for His bride infinitely!

Yes, there is also an essential element of divine infinity in revival!  Revival flows out from an infinite God. Stop and meditate for a moment on the infinite impact over the course of history and on into the fullness of infinity of the Holy Spirit’s coming on Pentecost.

Now carefully consider the eternal ramifications of answers flowing out from God to revival prayers for our Nation and our communities.    Yes, our finite minds have great difficulty grasping issues that are infinite in nature.   Nevertheless God has given us the opportunity and potential to have indescribable impact for all eternity as we pray and ask Him to bring to our communities Holy Spirit powered revival.

Our God, speaking to Solomon in times of old, gave this infinite promise:

“If My people who are called by My name will humble themselves and pray and seek My face and turn from their wicked ways, then will I hear from heaven and will forgive their sins and will heal their land.”

Will you ask God for revival for America and for your community this week?  Some aspects of eternity hang in the balance! 

Jeff William