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Devotions > Soldiers or Not

His Kingdom and His glory
10 Nov 2011


Do you continue to see more and more signs that seem to point to the coming of the final battle?

While briefly listening to news last evening we heard reports of more earthquakes, a potential worst storm in recorded history, and the implication of several nations who seem to be more blatantly allied against Israel.   Even a non-student of end times, with a casual knowledge of the prophetic portions of scripture would without doubt be suspicious that the final battle is coming soon.

As soldiers in the army of our Savior and Lord of hosts, the end of this world as we know it brings into focus the tradigidy of the fate of those who at that day are lost and will be imprisoned in the lake of fire for all eternity.    Someone once said, if we were walking in our neighborhood and saw a house on fire and heard screams for help we would no doubt do everything in our power to save those trapped inside.

Why is it that we are not in like manner moved by the reality of the fate those we know will suffer a much more heinous eternity in Hell?  Is it because we do not believe that the Hell that Jesus spoke about is real?   Or perhaps it because our hearts have become cool toward others as we have fully engaged in striving for all we can enjoy for ourselves?

 Jesus stated that His purpose for coming was to seek and to save the lost.   If we are in His army and His purpose is to seek and to save the lost, what implication should these realities have on our daily lives?  Our Commander gave us the command: as you are going make disciples.  In addition He directed us to pray using this pattern ….. Thy kingdom come thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven.

If our Nation is to have any significant impact for His Kingdom in these latter days, we must pray for revival.   We should not pray for revival for the purpose of having improvement in our economy or for the reduction in unemployment, or even for the express purpose of improved morality, but rather the purpose of our prayers for revivalmust be for His will to be done on earth as it is in heaven.  It is for His glory and for His kingdom and for His bride that we must pray for revival.  

Therefore we implore you to humble yourself daily and pray, seeking His face and turning immediately from any revealed wickedness in your life, that our God and Father will hear from heaven and forgive our sins and heal our land. 

Jeff Williams