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I must decrease
10 Jul 2008

Revival  [ to bring life ] is a primary purpose of God.   

God sent His Son in order that His creation, mankind, could experience life.  

Adam brought into God's creation death. [ Rom. 5:14 ]  

Jesus Christ brought to God's creation life.  [John 10:10 ]  

Jesus said " I am the life "  [ Jn 14:6 ]

To experience the life that God provides we must  ..............

     a. receive Jesus Christ as our Savior.  This is a critical step that involves faith on our part.

     b. we must humble ourselves and submit completely to the Lordship of the Spirit of Christ in every situation.


It is God's desire that His people will be so completely submitted to Him and filled with His love and power that those who do not know Him will seek after Him because of the lives of those who are serving the Lord. 

In our current Christian experience we unfortunately see very few Christians who are so filled with salt and light that those who come in contact with them quickly desire to know their Jesus.    In II Chron. 7:14 it is clear that God's people must begin to move away from the norms of the world and begin to move in significant ways toward God if we will see a God sent revival.   God outlines these steps.   First , we must humble ourselves.  To move in this direction ....   ask God by His Spirit to reveal to you areas of your life where pride is hiding.  Pride, by its nature is self deceptive.   God will begin to reveal your pride if you are sincere and persistent in your asking.   Do this to bring God glory

Jeff Williams